The Bible teaches us that there are several ways that our lives are enriched by being relationally connected to other believers. There are several benefits of being known by others and knowing others in the community of faith, but belonging to community is also a command that Jesus' disciples are to obey.

To provide opportunity for you to grow in your knowledge and likeness of Jesus in community we offer Cornerstone Groups. There are two types of Cornerstone Groups: Life Groups and D-Life Groups. 


D-Life Groups
"Be a disciple who makes disciples."

These groups are made up of 3 to 8 people who want to take the life-long journey of being a disciple who makes disciples. While our D-Life Groups meet mostly on the church campus on Sunday evenings, our goal is to see God multiply the groups allowing D-Life Groups to meet at a variety of times and at a variety of places.

Click the button below to see what you can expect when being part of a D-Life Group. You will also discover our desire for these groups and see a list with descriptions of our current groups that are meeting in person and online.

More About D-Life
Life Groups
Doing life and faith together.

Life Groups Resumed on Sunday September 5, 2021, and continue to meet @ 9:30am!

Life Groups are made up of anywhere between 3 and 25 people. These groups study the Bible together, pray for one another, care for one another as needs arise during the group, and participate in missions together. While there aren't age restrictions on the groups, Life Groups tend to be made up of people around the same age and similar life stage.

More About Life Groups