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     As a church we desire to see all people experience new life in Christ. Below you will find our process for helping people experience new life in Christ no matter where they are in life. As you explore our process, look and evaluate where you are in the process and then take action. If you need to speak with one of our staff or leaders because you have a question or just because, reach out either by phone or email. There is nothing more exciting in life then to help someone take the next step in their realationship with God, so please reach out to us!



     It is our desire to see all people experience new life in Christ by believing in him, who he is and what he did by giving his life on the cross, in order to have their sins forgiven and to be made right with God (Ephesians 2:8-9). This is the first step for everyone who desires to know God personally and have their lives radically changed now and for eternity. Ready to take your first step in doing life with God? Click here to start your journery!



     After believing in the person and work of Jesus to be made right with God, God wants you to get the most out your new life in his Son. God desires you to BELONG to a local church where you can Love God, Grow in community, Serve others, and be equiped to Share your new found faith in Jesus Christ. The Bible gives two requirements for belonging to a local body of Christ (a local church).

1) Salvation

     Salvation is BELIEVING in Jesus Christ, his person and his work to be made right with God. To discover more about Jesus and how you can be made right with God through him click here.

2) Baptism

     Once you become a follower of Jesus, the next step is to make that decision public by being baptized. By being dipped under water and then raised back up, baptism depicts the story of your salvation: you once were dead in your sin, but now you have been made alive to follow a brand new way of life. To be baptized or find out more about baptism click here.

3) Foundations

Do you feel like God is calling you to partner with us at Cornerstone so that together we can see all people experience new life in Christ?

Have you been coming for a while and want to know a little more about us and who we are before making a commitment to belonging at Cornerstone?

Foundations is everyone's first step toward membership and ministry at Cornerstone. We offer Foundations every month (except for July and December) during the Life Group hour on Sundays from 9:00am - 10:00am.  

You do not have to complete Foundations in three consecutive classes. If you can do sessions 1 & 3 this month and session 2 next month you may. Since each session stands alone you can also begin Foundations with any session.

There are two ways to sign up for Foundations. You can sign up for the next series of Foundations Classes by completing and submitting the form which you can click on in the "Foundations" section of our website, or by using a communication card found in the pews and placing it in the offering plate on Sunday mornings. Once you have signed up Pastor Thomas will touch base with you to let you know that we have received your request and see if you have any questions before the classes begin.  

10/13 - Following Jesus, Discovering Cornerstone

In this first session together we will discuss what it means to follow Jesus and what he offers you as one of his followers. You will also discover who we are as a church as we share our heart, vision, values, and current discipleship opportunities. 

10/20 - The Family Business

In the book Philippians Paul refers to the believers at the church in Philippi as his family and his partners in the Gospel. In this session we look at what it means to be part of God's family at Cornerstone and what it looks like to partner with one another in experiencing and spreading the good news of Jesus. 

10/27 - Develop and Deploy

    In the final session of Foundations we want to help encourage and equip you in becoming a person of influence. We talk about what keeps us from being a servant leader, qualities of a good servant leader, and what we as a church expect out of our servant leaders. In the second part of this session we provide four simple steps that you can begin to prayerfully seek to apply that will help you disciple others immediately.




     Believing in Jesus, his person and his work to be made in right relationship with God happens in a moment. However, exploring the depths of this life giving relationship with God is a life-long journey. We desire to see all people continue to experience new life in Christ daily as they become life-long followers of his by LOVING God, GROWING in community, SERVING others, and SHARING the Gospel. We believe that these four words capture what a life of a Christ follower should look like. We have been intentional as a church to plan and program in ways that help us mature in or experience these four areas throughout all of our ministries.



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