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Covid 19 Operations and Discipleship Opportunities

Cornerstone and the Coronavirus

Plans for the next 2-8 Weeks

Sunday Worship Gathering:

Base Assumption

We are basing the following communication on the fact that there is a possibility that we will not hold in-person services for the next eight weeks. This is based upon the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations. Your staff and deacons will monitor recommendations of the governing authorities to determine our course of action. Currently, we will not hold in-person gatherings for the remainder of March.


We believe this is an unprecedented opportunity for Cornerstone to reach our community with the Gospel message. We will continue passing outreach opportunities along as we receive them. If you are aware or become aware of an opportunity for our church or for individuals of our church to participate in please let Pastor Thomas know via phone or email.

This is an opportunity to pray and share Jesus with others in their time of need. Be prepared to step up emotionally, spiritually and physically.

This situation has given us the chance to begin setting an online presence that will continue after this pandemic has passed. If all goes as planned, you should be able to watch this Sunday live on our Facebook page or on our Website.

We need to help people stay calm, be positive, and be the light of Christ!

Remember you can give online at Cornerstonego.com or mail your tithe to the church as well. 85% of our church budget is salaries and fixed expenses for facility maintenance. We will be keeping a watchful eye over the next few weeks and adjust budget concerns as necessary and update the body accordingly.

Southeastern Theological Seminary is offering Free Online Classes. If you find yourself at home with more time on your hands than usual and would like to explore these classes the link is below:


Office Hours

For the remainder of March, Mary Anne will be working Mondays – Wednesdays from 10am – 4pm at home.

Ministry Staff have been encouraged to work from home as much as possible as long it doesn’t hinder their effectiveness in carrying out their pastoral responsibilities. 

The church office will be closed for the rest of March. Please contact Mary Anne directly if the need to be on the church campus should arise.  

Church, Staff, and Ministry Spending

The Spending Policy has been amended.

  • Nothing that exceeds $100 should be purchased without a Finance Team Member’s approval.
  • Any reoccurring purchases for subscriptions, contracts, or similar items will continue at this time.
  • We will not print or copy any material from the copier unless it absolutely needed.
  • As staff we are looking to save as much money as possible for the foreseeable future. We are prayerfully thinking of creative ways to do ministry without spending money.
  • Finance Team will be monitoring our financial health prayerfully and carefully and will make changes as necessary.  
  • We will adjust HVAC system settings to ensure that they will not be running while our facilities are empty.

Life Groups

  • During the weeks to come, each Life Group is encouraged to develop a to stay connected. If your group size is able to meet in accordance to the current CDC guidelines at the time of your gathering you may meet in person if group members so desire.
  • Where possible and applicable, groups could use Zoom, Go To Meeting, or other platforms to meet virtually.
  • We would like each Life Group Teacher to contact those in their Life Group (Kids, Student, & Adult) during the absence of on campus gatherings via phone, text, email, or snail mail to provide social touches and encouragement.

D-Life Groups

  • Simply put, D-Life was made for times like this! Remember, D-Life is not a program but is meant to be a lifestyle. Use the following ideas to keep going strong or get back in the routine of living the D-Life.
    • Please continue to read each week we are not meeting.
    • Take the weekly passage and discussion questions and do a d-life group as a family if you have students in the household.
    • If it’s just you and your spouse read the weekly chapters and share with your spouse what God has shown you during your time with him. At some point during the week read the focal passage and have a conversation using a few of the discussion questions and then pray together.
    • Utilize text messaging for prayer requests and accountability.
    • Don’t forget about D-Life Kids! I know as parents we are juggling work, trying to be our kids school teacher, and wrestling with this time of uncertainty but we cannot neglect our responsibility of impressing God’s ways onto our children. If you need more pages for your kids D-Life book please let Pastor Thomas know.
    • If group your D-Life Group is larger than CDC recommendations and members are able and willing, select a night and time and have d-life via Zoom or other online meeting platform.
    • If your D-Life Group number is able to meet and still abide by CDC guidelines and members are willing to meet feel free to gather. If you should use the church campus please make sure to clean and wipe down meeting areas when finished.


We will make sure we are taking advantage of our avenues of communication during the weeks to come. We will take advantage of our weekly emails, call all system, and social media platforms.

If you are not currently receiving the weekly emails or phone calls from the phone tree system and would like to, please email or call Mary Anne.

Email: Maryanne@cornerstonego.com

Phone: (336) 861-5514

Additional Notes:

  • To clarify, we are not meeting for Sunday services “until further notice.”
  • If you or someone you know in our body, especially our senior population, please let us know. We have had people volunteer to pick up and deliver groceries prescriptions, or to help in other ways during this time.
  • Be creative and intentional if you find yourself shepherding a Life Group of any age or are serving the body in a shepherding role at this of not being able to gather together on campus.
  • If you should hear of a local ministry opportunity for us to make available during this time to the body please let us know.
  • There’s a COVID-19 page on the website for anybody who has questions/how we are responding. This will be the main hub for all information. It will also have info. on outreach opportunities as well/an application. Send questions that people have that aren’t clarified on the page to Mary Anne so that she can add it.

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