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Will People Who Reject The Gospel Before The Rapture Be Able To Be Saved After The Rapture?

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While teaching through Revelation 6 in our Midweek Bible Study, the question was asked whether or not people who had heard and rejected the Gospel before the Rapture of the Church would be able to accept the Gospel after the Rapture, during the tribulation period.

I have heard this question before and I have also heard many different answers to this same question. I would dare say that this might be the most asked question concerning the Rapture of the church. Over the years I have been exposed to three differing views concerning this one question, they are as follows:

  • No one will be able to be saved during the tribulation period.
  • Only people who have never heard the Gospel before the rapture will be able to be saved during the tribulation.
  • People are able to put their faith in Jesus and be saved during the Tribulation regardless of whether they had or hadn’t heard the Gospel before the rapture of the church.

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