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     Beginning this Sunday we are starting a new message series called Captivated. Throughout this series we will spend our Sunday mornings together in the Song of Songs. Now there is no telling what type of emotions or thoughts just ran through your mind when I mentioned what book we will be studying for the next several weeks. If it is any consolation, this love song or poem is meant to do just that, stir up your emotions. I can honestly say that I dont think I ever heard much, if any, preaching from this book on Sunday mornings and I think I have a good idea of why. Yet when Jesus was walking with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus after his resurrection Luke 24:27 says that Jesus explained from all of the Scriptures the things concerning himself; the Scriptures includes the Song of Songs.

     One of the things that I have already enjoyed about my time in the book of the Song of Songs is that there is something for everyone. Throughout the book we will discover practical application for Christ followers at every age and stage of life! We will see practical application for those who are single, dating, engaged, married, and those who feel like their marriages are on the verge of being no more. The Song of Songs paints the perfect picture of marital love because it correctly portrays it as God intends it to be. Within this picture of marital love we see how to captivate our spouse (or future spouse) while at the same time learn how to be captivated by our Shepherd King - Jesus. 

Additional Resources - This series is meant to be practical! If we do not put into practice what God reveals to us this will be worth nothing! Each Sunday, following our morning worship gathering, there will be a blog posted (via church app and website) recaping the morning's message with links to the different Love Advice Applications provided during the message so that "we are not just hearers but doers of the Word" and as doers of the Word we will experience the power of the Word. 

TIP: If you haven't downloaded our church app yet do so and make sure your notifcations are turned on. You can find the app in the Apple or Google Play Stores by searching "cornerstonego".

Serving our Daddy together,




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