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Will People Who Reject The Gospel Before The Rapture Be Able To Be Saved After The Rapture?

Canva - Wavy Ocean Under Gray Clouds

What does the Bible teach concerning people believing in Jesus for the forgiveness of sin and a right relationship with God after the Rapture of the Church takes place? This post tries to help answer this question with a biblical perspective. ...

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Revelation Video Series: Revelation 6:1-8


In this video we explore Revelation 6:1-8. These verses show us the first four of God's judgments set to occur at the beginning of the seven year Tribulation period. These acts of God's judgment are pictured as what some call the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. We will identify what each of these horses and their riders symbolize and then see the truth of God's Word means...

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2020 Fasting Resources

Use the following resources to help you prayerfully decide on what type of fast God is calling you to do this year. After God has revealed what type of fast, I hope the following links will be of practical help. ...

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Will We See God In Heaven?

Canva - Father and Child in the Countryside

Will believers see God in heaven? The Bible teaches that we will see God and that no one can see God and live, how do we reconcile these seemingly contradictory teachings? This is one of the many questions that the book of Revelation helps us answer....

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Helping Jehovah's Witnesses rethink Jesus

This additional resource is meant to be a supplement to "The Trinity" message series. This video will help show where the Bible teaches that Jesus is God, explore a few beliefs that Jehovah's Witnesses have about Jesus, explain a correct understanding of John 1:1-3, and provide a tool to help share the true Jesus with Jehovah's Witnesses while using their translation of Jo...

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F@H Kids: A person is a person no matter how small


This Faith Talk will help your children learn that God sees a baby in their mother's belly as a person He loves. They will learn that God loves babies from before the time they were conceived or "thought of" by their parents. This devotion will also remind them that God loves them and made them with care in their mom's belly! You and your family will be challenged to be a ...

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F@H Kids: Jersey of Love

This devotion will help your family understand that our love for other Christians shows others that we are true followers of Jesus. ...

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F@H Kids: Hot Potato Discipleship


God is great, and He loves us with a great love. Since God is so great and loving toward us, we should want to honor God with how we live our lives. Using Malachi, God reminded the priests of that day how the earlier priests lived lives that showed Him respect. Our lives honor God when we are learning what the Bible says, doing what the Bible says, and teaching others wh...

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F@H Kids: God is Great

cards - F@H Kids Resource

God loves us with a great love because He is a great God! Since God is great and because He loves me, I want to love Him by giving Him my best. This Faith at Home Talk compliments week two of Bland, Restoring Flavor to your Worship. ...

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Helping You Win This Christmas Gathering

Tips and Ideas to try and help you as parents win during the worship gathering....

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Fox of Intimacy Stagnation

"Proverbs 30:18-19 says, "Three things are beyond me; four I can't understand: the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a snake on a rock, the way of a ship at sea, and the way of a man with a young woman" (emphasis added). The progress of love is marvelous and mysterious. There is something exceptional and special when a young couple falls in love. That initial sensual ...

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Fox of Role Reversal or Abuse

"The Bible teaches that God created us male and female (Gen 1:27). It teaches that the Lord made a woman as a man's helper and complement (Gen 2:18,20-24). Further, the New Testament instructs us that a woman is to submit to her husband gladly and that a husband is to love his wife sacrificially (Eph 5:22-33; Col 3:18-19; 1Pet 3:1-7). This is the divinely ordained structur...

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Fox of Poor Communication

"Proverbs 15:1-2 reminds us, "A gentle answer turns away anger, but a harsh word stirs up wrath. The tongue of the wise makes knowledge attractive, but the mouth of fools blurts out foolishness." And for good measure, Proverbs 15:4 adds, "The tongue that heals is a tree of life, but a devious [NIV, "perverse"] tongue breaks the spirit." We now know that for a marriage to ...

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Beware of these 7 Foxes in Your Marriage

Foxes that hurt or destroy our marriage and how to catch them and eliminate them....

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Captivated Week 5 Additional Resources

This past week we discovered that there will be trouble in our marriages. We should expect trouble since the marriage consists of two sinners who still struggle with our own selfish desires and because we have an enemy that hates us and wants to kill, steal, and destroy us and our marriages. These resources will help you identify and then catch the little foxes that are tr...

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Captivated Week 3 Additional Resources


Men - Read and think about Proverbs 31:10-31 over the next week. As you read it through each day look and see where your lady is knocking it out of the park. Once you discover something she is doing well tell her over a meal, a text, in passing, or through a note left somewhere you know she'll see it. What if I come across something she doesn't do well at all in? DO NOT te...

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Captivated W2 for Students: The Real You


We see the bride to be struggling with her self-esteem or her identity in Song of Songs 1:5-8. As students there will be times where you will struggle with your identity or how you match up with the expectations and value placed on you by others. These verses show you just what Jesus thinks of you and how much he values you....

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Faith Talk / Family Devo - Captivated W2

Use this on your own or with your spouse or teenage students to take Sunday's message real in your life....

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Discovering Your Shepherd-King


Devotional material for discovering Jesus as our Shepherd-King from Song of Solomon 1:5-8...

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Opening & Keeping Good Communication Lines Open


10 Thoughts that will help you open and keep communication lines open in your marriage or dating relationships...

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Captivated Faith@Home Resources Week 1


Summary of Captivated Week 1 and Resources to put what you learned into practice. ...

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F@H Discussion Questions - Captivated W1


Discuss the following Questions on the way home from church this morning or use them as part of your own devotional time this week....

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Patterning Your Desires for Love, Sex, and Marriage with God's Perspective


Does your character, reputation, and thoughts about love, sex, and marriage patterned after God’s? Take this True or False test and find out. ...

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Overview of Captivated...

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Discovering Your Kids' Spiritual Gifts: Know How To Swim Yourself


This is the first part of a series of posts to help you as a parent, grandparent, or a teacher help your children begin to discover the Spiritual Gifts God has given them. This blog reveals the most important step in helping your kids in this process....

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Faith Talk - Moral Margin


Talking through the message during the week helps you turn what God is saying to you into action steps. These talking points, questions, and scriptures are designed to help you take the next step....

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Faith Talk - Fighting For Financial Margin

wrestling for financial margin resize

Use this guide on your own, with your spouse, with a group of friends, or as a family (Junior High, Senior High, College) to better understand what God desires from the finances that he has given us and put it into practice....

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Faith Talk - Scheduling Margin


Using the following discussion guide with your spouse, with your friends, with your students (Middle and High School or College), or own your own so that you can take what God said to you through the message last week and put it into action....

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Faith Talk - The One Thing


Faith Talks are a resource that is meant to be used as a family, as a couple, or as a group of friends to help apply the main truth presented through the Sunday morning’s worship experience. These talks can be used at meal time, while riding in the car, before bedtime, or as the opportunity presents itself. This Faith Talk has two options for use. The first option is ...

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Faith Talk: Kings and Queens

Faith Talk: Kings and Queens Scripture: Isaiah 11:4-10 Topic: The Millenium Kingdom; Jesus' Return Smaller Children: Gather supplies to make King and or Queen crowns together. While making the crowns talk about their day, week, or their highs and lows then ask them what they think about when they think of when they think about a king or queen. You could also ask them ...

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This blog attempts to help us dig deeper into the event of Armageddon. This blog will help us discover what it is and what it isn't. This blog also contains the key biblical passages that describe Armageddon as well as a breakdown of the phases or order of Armageddon. ...

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Faith Talk: Helping Our Kids Discern What is True and What is a Lie

Faith Talk: A truth or a lie? Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:16-17; John 17:17; Titus 1:2 This devotion is based from our exploration of Revelation 12:1-14 and how God will use the Tribulation to reveal Satan for who he really is. He is a proud liar, murderer, slanderer, accuser, and adversary of God. All we simply want to communicate to our children through this talk is that ...

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Faith Talk - God and M&M's

Faith Talk God MM's Scripture: Revelation 7:9-10 Main Thought: In this vision, God shows John that there will be people from all over the world in heaven because they have believed in the Lord Jesus. Since God loves all people the same and wants them to be with him in heaven, we should want all people to know Jesus as well! Before having your faith talk make sure y...

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Helping Your Kids Understand Baptism

This blog helps provide some tools and resources to equip parents help their children understand baptism....

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Faith Talk - Following Jesus

In this faith talk parents will be able to discuss with their children or students about following Jesus no matter what. Discussion questions for adults and ways to help those being persecuted are also included in this post....

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A Proposed Chronology of the End Times

Like I said last Sunday, if we were to really begin to teach through all that will happen during the End Times in detail it would take several months to do so if not longer. So in order to help fill in the gaps I thought I'd share a detailed timeline that I came across in one of the books that I have used in preparing The Return of the King message series. A PROPOSED ...

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Faith Talk: The Dragon Warrior

Faith Talk: The Dragon Warrior Scripture Revelation: 5:1-14 Main Thought: Jesus is worthy of our worship because he gave his life for us. Message: The Dragon Warrior from Sunday February 5, 2017. After watching the video transition by saying something like this: Master Oogway told Master Shifu that Tai Lung was going to escape prison and try and take the city and wi...

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When will the rapture take place?

Will the Rapture take place before Tribulation? So this post may not appeal to everyone but I thought I'd take a brief moment and just give you a bird's eye view on the different views on the timing of the rapture. After we look briefly at the 5 main views on the timing of the rapture we will conclude by looking at why we hold to the Pretrib view. I believe Sc...

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Can people be saved after the rapture?

Can people who have heard and openly rejected the Gospel before the rapture be able to be saved after the rapture?...

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What happens to babies and young children during the rapture?

Pastor Thomas tries to shed light on some common questions that people have when it comes to the rapture and other end time events leading up to Christ's return....

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